Monday, October 5, 2009

The Secret Lives Of Women

Tomorrow marks a very special day for me, the documentary that I participated in is going to air tomorrow on WEtv at 10pm/9C

I feel that the last year has been filled with so many wonderful changes. Although, I have not met my weight loss goal yet, I have lost the majority of my weight and learned so much in the process. By reminiscing all that has taken place this year, I have so much to be happy and thankful for.

I have met the man of my dreams, fell in love and got engaged. I can’t help but get sentimental that Javier's going to be the father of my children. My family has been my pillar of support and will always be there for me no matter what. My brother and sisters are also going be in the documentary.

My friends have been nothing but supportive in all my endeavors, they are so happy for me because they can see that I am truly happy. My best friend Diana whom I’ve known for 15 years has been by my side through all the ups and downs in my life. My youtube best friend Yvette aka YvettesMetamorphosis I met her on youtube almost a year ago and she has been through thick and thin with me. I feel we have so much in common and we still are very different women. I can always be myself with her, whether we agree with each other or not. That is what true friendship is all about.

My supporters on youtube have been amazing and encouraging and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without them. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

My life is really coming together in a very positive way, just the way my mom said it would. If I could even be a fraction of a mother to my future children that my mom was to me, I would be proud. I made a promise to my mom that I would be healthy and it’s a promise I kept. I love and miss my mom, I will see her again someday.<3

~ Cindy (fatty2slim)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm close to my goal weight, healthy and happy

It’s been a long day I’ve been up since 5am this morning; however I did accomplish a lot today. I worked out first thing this morning, it was an exciting eventful day at work, had a wonderful talk with my fiancĂ©, updated my daily planner with tasks/events for tomorrow and now I’m relaxing after a great dinner that I cooked, perfect time for a blog update.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and it went very well. I weighed in at *** nope not until my next video which I will do sometime this month (I promise) new weigh in (on a scale, on camera as per usual) new body shots and new updates, which I can’t wait to share with all of you. What I will say is I’m close to my goal weight and I plan on conquering “this goal” by the end of the year. Below is a picture I took tonight, comparing a picture of me at my highest weight, which I call a “so far” photo not “after”.

Although my videos have been sporadic, my weight loss has not, for the most part I have been consistent and I would consider my weight loss journey a success so far. I will be scheduling in my youtube weigh in videos shortly. My life has been so busy (understatement), in the midst of falling in love, planning a wedding, working on my business and my makeup line (trademarked) and spending quality time with my friends and family, time has gotten away from me, what can I say except life happens. I will give you more updates in my “I’m back” video.

I receive emails/comments on my before and after pictures video all the time asking how I lost the weight. If you refer back to my videos last year when I lost the majority of my weight (92 pounds to be exact) I always said I would not be able to give up the foods I love which includes chicken curry along with many Mexican food dishes. I decided to create a plan which allowed me to eat these foods and have a free day (for a sample of my menu plan please refer to my “how I lost 80 pounds in 6 months” video . Now in 2009, I’m close to my goal weight, healthy and happy. The proof really is in the pudding. :)

Cindy (Fatty2Slim)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Updating my tasks

I decided to update my tasks in my Franklin Covey planner today since I’m off work :) I have a doctor's appointment this week, organizing my kitchen on Wednesday, five workouts planned this week, writing a blog for for the episode of Secret Lives of Women that I participated in and I’m updating my Bye The Weigh Book. All while working 6 days this week. It's a busy week but I'm a firm believer in hard work, and hard work does pay off.

I have left the date of my "I’m back" video as a surprise but rest assured it will be filled with a hunger to reach my goals. I feel my balanced lifestyle has helped me succeed and "keep my eyes on the prize"

Every time I look at my twitter account, I see motivating and inspiring quotes from my good friend Yvette I have found a quote which I hope all of you find positive and encouraging "The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be"
Horace Bushnell

Cindy (Fatty2Slim)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

websites and photos

So, I finally joined twitter,

and facebook,

and now I have a blog with my good friend Yvette,
which I’m really excited about :)

If you have watched my videos, you know my plan (ByeTheWeigh) is about eating the foods I love in moderation and still losing the weight in a healthy way, which I have done. I am on the last phase of my weight loss and will be making a video soon talking about how I plan to get to my goal weight.

I have posted some of my favorite photos from youtube, my family and recent photos of my friend and me on facebook. You can view my photo album at

With my busy lifestyle finding time is few and far between but I do plan on keeping up with my blog, websites and videos - in moderation of course ;) just the way I like it.

Cindy (Fatty2slim on youtube)